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Dedication ceremony of the Memorial : Anchor of Dredger “LORD WILLINGDON” by Cine Artist Shri Mohanlal


Dedication ceremony of
(Cine Artist & Padma Bhushan Recipient)

Saturday, 7th September 2019 at 9:00 AM at

The modern port of Cochin is situated in “Wllingdon Island”- a historical
monument of human efforts which was constructed reclaiming 3.2 of land under the visionary leadership of a British Harbour Engineer Sir Robert Bristow and named after Lord Willingdon – the 32 nd Viceroy of India who was instrumental in the implementation of this green-field port at the southern end of Indian peninsula.

On May 26, 1928, Capt. Bullen of the steam ship `Padma’, coming down from Bombay sailed calmly into this newly made harbour and the modern port of Cochin was thus opened to the world.
This colossal reclamation work was achieved with the help of a dredger by
name ‘Lord Willingdon’, which worked relentlessly since its arrival at
Kochi in 1926 till the successful completion of this mammoth project.

Having outlived her life Dredger Willingdon sank off the Cochin harbour in 1979, but the remains of her proud memories- “the Anchor” – is being installed in front of the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi as a befitting memorial.
The monument- “The Anchor that made this island”, conceived and executed by famous Artist Maraprabhu Ramachandran is a tribute to the long saga of ambition, skill, determination and perseverance of Robert Bristow and his team in making one of the safest harbours in the peninsula.

NMDC Friendship Tournament


Want a burst of happiness and relaxation?

Get involved in a physical activity. Whether you are a Mariner, Govt official or Company executive – physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Team sports in particular provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness. They also provide social benefits by allowing you to connect with team-mates and friends in a recreational setting.

With this objective, the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi has developed a Futsal (Five-a-side Football) court with artificial turf and two Cricket Practice nets which are now open not only to seafarers and our esteemed members, but also to all from the shipping fraternity.

Team sports such as Football and Cricket are breeding grounds for leadership traits. The opportunity to train, try, win, or lose together, help the people to develop a “team mindset” in the workplace and in social situations leading to strong leadership qualities over time. Further, it is a platform for social net-working and therein building a cordial and interactive environment among the stakeholders.

Taking a lead in this direction, the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi, in connection with the National Maritime Day Celebrations 2019 is organizing a Friendship Tournament ( Football, Cricket & Table Tennis) exclusively for the stakeholders of the shipping fraternity at Kochi.

The Tournament will commence with the Inauguration of the Sport Centre on 16th March 2019 and culminate with the National Maritime Day Celebrations on 5th April 2019. Attractive Prizes and Cash awards are waiting for the winners.

A tribute to the living and the lost – Seafarer’s Memorial


26.Dec.2018 @1600Hrs at the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi , Dr. Malini V Shankar, IAS, Director General of Shipping will dedicate a Seafarer’s Memorial (“A tribute to the living and the lost”).

From Phoenicians to Portuguese to British to Spanish, the history of mankind is the story of explorations, expeditions and conquests by sea….
Christopher Columbus… Captain Cook… Ferdinand Magellan…. Bartolome
Diaz- the history has always been partisan to the successful heroes of the sea.
But the history of seafaring also belongs to several others who perished before the mysteries of the sea. And no seafarer establishment is complete without a memorial paying tribute to such unsung heroes of the seas…..
“A tribute to the living and the lost” stands as a sobering reminder of the
dangers of the sea and also a lasting testament to the strength of a community pooling their efforts to fulfil their dreams……
And many sailor folklore depict mermaids as the good omen which can bring good fortune, bestow boons and save them from storms and ship wrecks.
Mermaids are one of the most famous mythical creatures whose allure and
mystery has taken hold of sailors’ imaginations for ages.
Seafarer’s memorial at the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi recites the saga of
seafaring and depicts their survival instinct against the odds. The memorial
symbolises the power of the community that loves the men and women who go to sea and is a tribute to all those lost at sea and is dedicated to them- past, present, and future.
Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone… Respect the sea and those who make their livings on it…….

Dear Friends, On 26th of December 2018 at 1600Hrs, the Director General of Shipping Dr. Malini V Shankar IAS will dedicate a Seafarer’s Memorial (“A tribute to the living and the lost”) at the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi to the maritime community. May I appeal to all my friends to share this information and attend the function to make it a grand success….

Brgds (Ajithkumar Sukumaran)

Tech-Talk on 23rd February 2018



As part of the “public -outreach” initiatives of the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India, the Mercantile Marine Department, Kochi is organizing a “Tech-Talk” by one of the lead personalities of international shipping, Capt. Rajesh M. Unni, CEO of Synergy Group of Companies, Singapore on 23rd February 2018.

Capt. Unni will be talking on two topically relevant subject- (i) “Seafarers for the Future (session-I) and (ii) “Building a Safe and Secure Gateway” (session-2).

Please find attached herewith the invitation to the programme. However, due to space constraints, we will be limiting the number of participants and hence Pre-registration for the programme is compulsory. If interested, please confirm your attendance at the earliest through the contact details provided in the invitation.

If you are from an organization engaged in maritime activities, you can also opt for reserving a Table (Max.6 participants).

‘QUARTERDECK’ Inauguration


Dear All,

It gives me tremendous joy to invite each and every mariner to a celebration of a legacy for posterity for the entire fraternity.

Presenting ‘QUARTERDECK’. An exclusive lounge designed and created by Mariners at the Merchant Navy Club, Willingdon Island, Kochi for service to the Merchant Marine.

Inauguration and dedication by Shri Ajithkumar Sukumaran, honourable Principal Officer – cum- Joint Director General of Shipping, MMD Kochi.

Venue : Merchant Navy Club, Willingdon Island, Kochi

Date : 07 November 2017

Time : 1800 hrs.

Below entities have laboured hard to achieve this dream

Lead sponsor & creator of ‘QUARTERDECK’


Associate sponsors


All Mariners are welcome.

Capt R.V Rajesh Nambiar
Secretary, CMMI Kochi

Meghdootam – Dance Performance by Debamitra Sengupta


Indian classical dance has a distinct character that reflects the great cultural and traditional endeavour. The forms of Indian dance have transcended beyond the fences and socio-cultural hindrances. Exponents of the Indian classical dances, despite of their background and forms, have played a crucial role in presenting India to the forefront of the World stage.

By watching, enjoying and encouraging such god-blessed, talented, artists of our great nation, we are not only recognising them individually and collectively, but, also re-inventing our rich cultural heritages and passing on them to our gen-next. I believe, this is one of our social obligations as well.

It was against this background, that the maritime community of Kochi has always tried to introduce such exceptional talents to our fraternity. A few months back, we had a unique performance by renowned Mohinayattam exponent Methil Devika in connection with the inauguration of the new building of the Merchant Navy Club. I am sure, those who enjoyed that performance will agree with me that Devika’s performance stand out not only for its well researched and thought-provoking themes rooted in mythology, Indian tradition and philosophy, but also for its freshness and vivacity.

Friends, this time, along with the 54th National Maritime Day Celebrations at Kochi, we are bringing to you another visual treat – a world class dance drama- “Meghdootam”, by the internationally acclaimed Odissi exponent Debamitra Sengupta of Kolkata Mayur Lalit Dance Academy. I am sure this could give some rare moments to keep in memory for all of us……

Once again inviting you all for the National Maritime Day Celebrations at 5:30PM on 5th April 2017 at Merchant Navy Club, Kochi and thereafter for this exquisite dance choreography which would bring alive on stage the passion of ‘Yaksha’ as he pines for his beloved with the exotic descriptions of the rivers, cities, women, forests, mountains which the Cloud passes through, with English narration and very vibrant and soulful music.

(Ajithkumar Sukumaran)

Membership Details of the Club


A Seafarer welfare initiative from the Ministry of Shipping, Govt of India. Under the aegis of the Director General of Shipping, Govt of India.
“A club where seafarers of all countries would have the opportunity of meeting together and cultivating mutual acquaintance and promoting good fellowship.”

It is internationally recognized that the seafarers, after weeks and months of isolated life onboard ships need shore
based recreational and welfare facilities within their reach to refresh and recuperate themselves and ‘seafarers’ Club’ is therefore an inseparable part of any international Port facility, as has been expressly provided under various statues, inter-alia, the Merchant Shipping Act and the Indian Port Act.

Shipping is an international industry governed by international maritime conventions developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The International Labour Organisation (ILO) issued the recommendations to the Seafarers’ Welfare Recommendation, 1970 and later framed the International Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, to specifically deal with the welfare of the seafarers.

It is socially obligatory to the member states to implement the provisions of the said Convention, including those for the welfare measures such as Seafarers’ Hostels and shore based recreational facilities and it was against this background that the Government of India developed the infrastructure for the welfare of seafarers in the Port of Kochi, popularly known as the “Merchant Navy Club”

Contact : Merchant Navy Officers’ & Seamen Association (MNOSA), Bristow Rd, Willingdon Island, Kochi-682003,

Tel: 91 – 484 – 2666644 / 4040950 | Fax: 91- 484 – 4010800

Email: [email protected], Website:

Contact Person : Shri. Anand Ackare, Manager, Mob: Mob: 94977 35822

National Maritime Day

One more Maritime Day has come by… ..
Atleast on this day, let’s make a collective effort to apprise our society and its policy makers, the relevance and significance of shipping industry, which often decides the pace, structure and pattern of development of a fast growing economy like India…….
Atleast on this day, let’s get together to recognise the yeomen service being rendered by our seafarers for the well being of each one of us, while living in a highly hostile environment- one day in the scorching heat of equator and the next in the freezing cold of arctic…. one day in the peaceful waters of Newzealand and the other day in the war zones of Somalia… weeks and months away from their dear and near ones……
Atleast on this day, while enjoying the luxury of our newly built airport, let’s remember that for hundreds of our fellow countrymen in Andaman or Lakshdweep, the small ships reaching their small sea ports after weeks of waiting are their lifelines and the pulse of their social lives….
Friends, as in previous years, we at Kochi are celebrating the National Maritime week which will culminate with the public function at 5:30pm on 5th April 2017, at Merchant Navy Club. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Antony Dominic, High court of Kerala, will be the Chief Guest and Mr. Farroq Khan, Hon’ble Administrator of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep will be the Guest of Honour. Shri. Ranjit Singh, CEO, Essar Shipping, Mumbai will deliver the key-note address.
Following the public function there will be a Dance concert based on Mahakavi Kalidasas’s “Meghdootam” to be presented by renowned Odissi exponent Ms. Debamitra Sengupta of Kolkata Lalt Mayur Academy.
Also, the Lakshadweep Development Corporation & Cochin Port Trust has arranged the passenger ship MV “KAVARATTI”, for the public and the students to visit between 0900 hours and 1700 on 5th April 2017, in connection with the National Maritime Day. The vessel will be berthed at BTP Jetty, Cochin Port (North End), as above. No pass or separate permission is required for the public to visit the ship during the period.
Friends,I am attaching the invitation cards along with this. Please make it convenient to attend the function and extend wide publicity to the events, so that the society knows that a community like ours exists…..
(Ajithkumar Sukumaran)