A tribute to the living and the lost – Seafarer’s Memorial


26.Dec.2018 @1600Hrs at the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi , Dr. Malini V Shankar, IAS, Director General of Shipping will dedicate a Seafarer’s Memorial (“A tribute to the living and the lost”).

From Phoenicians to Portuguese to British to Spanish, the history of mankind is the story of explorations, expeditions and conquests by sea….
Christopher Columbus… Captain Cook… Ferdinand Magellan…. Bartolome
Diaz- the history has always been partisan to the successful heroes of the sea.
But the history of seafaring also belongs to several others who perished before the mysteries of the sea. And no seafarer establishment is complete without a memorial paying tribute to such unsung heroes of the seas…..
“A tribute to the living and the lost” stands as a sobering reminder of the
dangers of the sea and also a lasting testament to the strength of a community pooling their efforts to fulfil their dreams……
And many sailor folklore depict mermaids as the good omen which can bring good fortune, bestow boons and save them from storms and ship wrecks.
Mermaids are one of the most famous mythical creatures whose allure and
mystery has taken hold of sailors’ imaginations for ages.
Seafarer’s memorial at the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi recites the saga of
seafaring and depicts their survival instinct against the odds. The memorial
symbolises the power of the community that loves the men and women who go to sea and is a tribute to all those lost at sea and is dedicated to them- past, present, and future.
Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone… Respect the sea and those who make their livings on it…….

Dear Friends, On 26th of December 2018 at 1600Hrs, the Director General of Shipping Dr. Malini V Shankar IAS will dedicate a Seafarer’s Memorial (“A tribute to the living and the lost”) at the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi to the maritime community. May I appeal to all my friends to share this information and attend the function to make it a grand success….

Brgds (Ajithkumar Sukumaran)

FAQ for Deck officers


Frequently Asked Questions by the Masters and Deck officers

as prepared by Mercantile Marine Department, Mumbai – Examination, Assessment and Certification Branch


  1. Question: My Certificate of Competency (COC), issued under STCW 95, in hardcover booklet form has expired recently. How do I revalidate and upgrade my COC to STCW 2010?


Answer:    The COC of a seafarer can be revalidated in a simple way by submitting an application form to the MMD Mumbai on any working days between 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Application to be submitted along with the fees and necessary supporting documents to prove the ‘Continued Professional Competence’ as stated in M.S. (STCW) Rules, 2014. You also need to submit your Original COC booklet for necessary endorsement.


The format of application and the checklist, detailing the list of documents required and the criteria, for revalidation can be downloaded from the website of MMD.