The Company of Master Mariners of India


Fifty four masters mariners serving in Indian ports, Government, Shipping companies and ships at sea, founded the Company of Master Mariners in 1956 on similar lines and with similar aims and objects as Hon. Company of Master Mariner of United Kingdom. The memorandum and articles of association were prepared and approved on 8th August 1957 by the founder members. The Company was registered under the Company’s Act 1956 on 23rd August 1957.


The memorandum and article were thereafter amended
(a) to increase fees
(b) to increase the membership and
(c) to grant option and regulate life membership.

Major amendments to the memorandum and articles of association were first considered by a two member committee of Capt. N. N. Bhansali and Capt. Dhyan Mangat in 1985/86.

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