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NMDC Friendship Tournament


Want a burst of happiness and relaxation?

Get involved in a physical activity. Whether you are a Mariner, Govt official or Company executive – physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Team sports in particular provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness. They also provide social benefits by allowing you to connect with team-mates and friends in a recreational setting.

With this objective, the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi has developed a Futsal (Five-a-side Football) court with artificial turf and two Cricket Practice nets which are now open not only to seafarers and our esteemed members, but also to all from the shipping fraternity.

Team sports such as Football and Cricket are breeding grounds for leadership traits. The opportunity to train, try, win, or lose together, help the people to develop a “team mindset” in the workplace and in social situations leading to strong leadership qualities over time. Further, it is a platform for social net-working and therein building a cordial and interactive environment among the stakeholders.

Taking a lead in this direction, the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi, in connection with the National Maritime Day Celebrations 2019 is organizing a Friendship Tournament ( Football, Cricket & Table Tennis) exclusively for the stakeholders of the shipping fraternity at Kochi.

The Tournament will commence with the Inauguration of the Sport Centre on 16th March 2019 and culminate with the National Maritime Day Celebrations on 5th April 2019. Attractive Prizes and Cash awards are waiting for the winners.