National Maritime Day

One more Maritime Day has come by… ..
Atleast on this day, let’s make a collective effort to apprise our society and its policy makers, the relevance and significance of shipping industry, which often decides the pace, structure and pattern of development of a fast growing economy like India…….
Atleast on this day, let’s get together to recognise the yeomen service being rendered by our seafarers for the well being of each one of us, while living in a highly hostile environment- one day in the scorching heat of equator and the next in the freezing cold of arctic…. one day in the peaceful waters of Newzealand and the other day in the war zones of Somalia… weeks and months away from their dear and near ones……
Atleast on this day, while enjoying the luxury of our newly built airport, let’s remember that for hundreds of our fellow countrymen in Andaman or Lakshdweep, the small ships reaching their small sea ports after weeks of waiting are their lifelines and the pulse of their social lives….
Friends, as in previous years, we at Kochi are celebrating the National Maritime week which will culminate with the public function at 5:30pm on 5th April 2017, at Merchant Navy Club. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Antony Dominic, High court of Kerala, will be the Chief Guest and Mr. Farroq Khan, Hon’ble Administrator of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep will be the Guest of Honour. Shri. Ranjit Singh, CEO, Essar Shipping, Mumbai will deliver the key-note address.
Following the public function there will be a Dance concert based on Mahakavi Kalidasas’s “Meghdootam” to be presented by renowned Odissi exponent Ms. Debamitra Sengupta of Kolkata Lalt Mayur Academy.
Also, the Lakshadweep Development Corporation & Cochin Port Trust has arranged the passenger ship MV “KAVARATTI”, for the public and the students to visit between 0900 hours and 1700 on 5th April 2017, in connection with the National Maritime Day. The vessel will be berthed at BTP Jetty, Cochin Port (North End), as above. No pass or separate permission is required for the public to visit the ship during the period.
Friends,I am attaching the invitation cards along with this. Please make it convenient to attend the function and extend wide publicity to the events, so that the society knows that a community like ours exists…..
(Ajithkumar Sukumaran)

Inauguration of New Building


Dear Friends,

Years back in 1991, after joining shipping, my first voyage abroad was to Vancouver, Canada. As usual, for most new seafarers, my first destination after stepping on to a foreign port was the Seafarer’s Club- to make a phone call to my mother. But, the ambiance of the Club, the facilities they provide and the warmth and compassion with which they entertain the seafarers- it was truly amazing!!!. In my ten years of seafaring, I must have visited atleast fifty seafarer clubs across the world; and I have always wondered when can we have a similar facilities for our seafarers in an Indian port.

invitation-mncHaving left the sea life and after 15 yrs of association with Maritime Administration, it is my pleasure and honour to announce the inauguration of the new building of the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi on 21st October 2016, by the Director General of Shipping. And believe me- the facilities there for our maritime community will be comparable with any of its counterparts across the world.
It is internationally recognized that the seafarers, after weeks and months of isolated life onboard ships need shore based recreational and welfare facilities within their reach to refresh and recuperate themselves and ‘seafarers’ Club’ is therefore an inseparable part of any international Port facility.

Merchant Navy Club at Cochin was established in 1943, under the British regime, and when the British withdrew in 1947 they left behind an indispensable and significant meeting hub for the mariners of Kochi. In 1972, it was brought under the management of a Charitable Society, under the custodianship of the Director General of Shipping, Government of India. The Principal Officer, Mercantile Marine Department, Kochi, a subordinate office of the Ministry of Shipping is the ex-officio Chairman of the Association.

The Merchant Navy Club, Kochi, today, provides a host of facilities for the maritime community- Seafarer Hostel with A/C & Non-A/C accommodation, modern swimming pool, A/C convention centre, Party halls, multi-cuisine restaurant, Business centre, Lounges, Snooker & other recreation facilities etc.

InvitationTo cater to the needs of the fast growing Port of Cochin, Govt of India was kind enough to construct a new building for the Merchant Navy Club, which will have two more Lounges, multi-purpose halls, Billiards & Indoor recreation centre, Suites & Executive rooms etc.inv-dance-2

The building will be inaugurated on Friday, the 21st October 2016, by the Director General of Shipping, in the presence of Capt. A.K. Sharma, CMD, Shipping Corporation of India. The public function will be followed by a dance concert by renowned Classical dancer Dr. Methil Devika and dinner as usual.

On behalf of the Management Committee of the Merchant Navy Club, Kochi, I take this opportunity to invite to grace this occasion, each and everyone connected with shipping at Kochi, not to mention our beloved seafarers and their families….

Please do share this with your friends as a proud show-piece of the maritime community of Kochi…..

With Warm Regards,
(Ajithkumar Sukumaran)

Mariners Nite Cochin


From time immemorial, the purpose of a navy has been to influence, and sometimes to decide, issues on land. This was so with the Greeks of antiquity; the Romans, who created a navy to defeat Carthage; the Spaniah, whose armada tried and failed to conquer England; and most eminently, in the Atlantic and Pacific during two world wars. The sea has always given man inexpensive transport and ease of communication over long distances. The sea has supplied mobility, capability, and support throughout Western history, and those failing in the sea-power test — notably Alexander, Napoleon and Hitler — also failed the longevity one.
– Edward L. Beach, “Keepers of the Sea”


The custom of celebrating Mariners’ Nite in Cochin was started in 1993 when it was felt necessary to provide an opportunity to the Merchant Marine Officers’ fraternity in and around Cochin to have a get-together with their families. Come and Join us in the celebration of being a Mariner at ‘The Mariners Nite Cochin 2016’.


The Company of Master Mariners of India


Fifty four masters mariners serving in Indian ports, Government, Shipping companies and ships at sea, founded the Company of Master Mariners in 1956 on similar lines and with similar aims and objects as Hon. Company of Master Mariner of United Kingdom. The memorandum and articles of association were prepared and approved on 8th August 1957 by the founder members. The Company was registered under the Company’s Act 1956 on 23rd August 1957.


The memorandum and article were thereafter amended
(a) to increase fees
(b) to increase the membership and
(c) to grant option and regulate life membership.

Major amendments to the memorandum and articles of association were first considered by a two member committee of Capt. N. N. Bhansali and Capt. Dhyan Mangat in 1985/86.

To check out more details go to


Nautical Institute – India SW Branch


The Nautical Institute is the international representative body for maritime professionals

The Nautical Institute is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Our aim is to represent seafarers’ and practical maritime professionals’ views at the highest level.

As a representative body, the Institute fulfils its role in many different ways. Membership by proven qualifications and experience helps to set standards. The technical committees ensure that professional opinion and advice is fed back to the industry’s decision making bodies.

Publications written by practitioners for practitioners provide the best operational guidance available and the branches encourage professional development in local areas.

Aims and Objectives

The institute aims to provide the strongest possible professional focus, dedicated to improving standards of those involved in control of seagoing craft, while maintaining the Institute as an international centre of nautical excellence.

  • To represent the professional views of its members to and within the international, national and local bodies considering the safety and efficiency of shipping operations.
  • To promote and co-ordinate in the public interest the development of nautical studies in all its branches by:
    • Encouraging and promoting a high standard of qualification, competence and knowledge among those in control of seagoing craft including non-displacement craft.
    • Facilitating the exchange and publication of information and ideas on nautical science, encourage research and publish its results.
    • Establishing and maintaining appropriate educational and professional standards of membership.
    • Co-operating with Government Departments and other bodies concerned with statutory and other qualifications, and with universities and other educational institutes and authorities in the furtherance of education and training in nautical science and practice.
    • Encouraging the formation of Branches and professional groups in different areas worldwide.


The principal aim of the Branches is to promote the activities and increase the membership of The Nautical Institute in their area.

The Branches are vibrant, pro-active organisations of current professionals, and provide:

  • A local professional focus
  • Communication and fellowship with other nautical professionals (networking)
  • Solving professional problems through seminars and workshops
  • A programme of technical and social meetings
  • Local and, in some cases, national representation on regulatory bodies or user groups
  • Assistance with updating and professional development
  • Involvement with projects locally and internationally
  • Development of management and organisational skills

Nautical Institute Branches are grouped into world zones.


The Nautical Institute India – South West Branch (Kochi) inauguration took place on 26th September  2015 and the local branch is functioning from the Merchant Navy Club

Seafarer’s Memorial


The construction of the dredger `Lord Willingdon’ completed in 1925 arrived at Cochin in May 1926. For the next several years she worked relentlessly for more than 20 hrs a day to make this island where MNC stands today..

Having outlived her life Dredger Willingdon sank off the Cochin harbour in 1979…

But the remains of her proud memories stand in front of the Club as a Memorial of Seafarers…..

Every year on the 5th March, the Chairman of the Club along with Maritime community at Kochi pay homage here to the loving memories of thousands of our fellow mariners who sacrificed their lives at sea….

Bristow Lounge


A British Harbour Engineer by name Sir Robert Bristow arrived Cochin under the instructions of Lord Willingdon with a mission to construct an approach channel from the deep sea to the inner harbour of Cochin. He joined the services of the Madras government at the age of 39, and came to Kochi on 13 April 1920.

For the next twenty one years, he was involved with the construction of the port and succeeded in transforming Kochi into one of the safest harbours in the peninsula reclaiming 3.2 km² of land, now called the Willingdon Island, the heart of Kochi…

On August 11 – 1935, Bristow proudly proclaimed to the world through the BBC: I now live on a large Island made from the bottom of the sea, called Willingdon Island. From the upper floor of my house, I look down on one of the finest harbour in the East and perhaps the most beautiful port in the world…

Bristow returned to England on April 13, 1941 and died in September 1966 at the age of 85.

The recreation room of the MNC was deservingly named after this architect of modern Kochi..

“Bristow Lounge”

Willingdon Lounge


When the first of all Seamen welfare facilities was started in the Port of Cochin in 1943, it was only natural that it was named after this British liberal politician and a great visionary… thus was the birth of the favorite hub of many mariners of Kochi-

Port of Cochin – History


Port of Cochin, the Queen of Arabian sea housed in the Willingdon island is one of the major ports in the country and the one earmarked for a spurt of development activities in the coming years…

It is a located on a man-made island created from the materials dredged while deepening Port of Cochin and named after Lord Willingdon, the erstwhile governor of Madras and the 32nd Viceroy of India who was instrumental in the implementation of this mammoth project…..